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Because of the virus situation, the Buffalo Bill Days board of directors determined it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to hold our event this year. Consequently, the board voted unanimously to cancel the Buffalo Bill Days event for the year 2020. It is fully expected we will resume Buffalo Bill Days next year 2021.

About Us

1950 Buffalo Bill Saddle Club
Pictured are a number of Buffalo Bill Saddle Club members as they appeared in a special 1950 ceremony atop Lookout Mountain. Photo by Kathleen's of Golden
This Golden Colorado event's roots derive from the commemorative trail rides by the Buffalo Bill Saddle Club to Buffalo Bill's grave on the top of Lookout Mountain which began sometime in the 1940s. Since everything Western was so popular in the 1960s the manager of the local Chamber of Commerce felt the trail rides could be expanded upon for an activity to promote Golden. So the large contingent of riders rode up the mountain one summer day and when they rode back down, they rode through town the first Buffalo Bill Days parade. Thereafter, the Chamber of Commerce expanded on the trail ride, making it into a community-wide event. Events were added such as an arts and crafts fair, food vendors, a street dance, parade, and a golf tournament. Over the years, the local volunteer Fire Department jumped in by cooking a pancake breakfast to start the days events and various organization s hosted spaghetti dinners for the community.

Buffalo Bill Saddle Club

Buffalo Bill Saddle Club In 1985, the Chamber felt they could no longer commit the resources to run the event and asked the Golden Lions Club to take it over. The Lions Club did, in fact, run the event in 1986 and 1987, having given up its own 4th of July community celebration in order to concentrate all of its efforts on Buffalo Bill Days. However in 1988, the Lions Club turned the event back over to the Chamber so they could go back and continue their 4th of July activities. After the 1988 event, the City stepped in and appointed the first all-volunteer Board of Directors whose sole function was to sustain Buffalo Bill Days as the citys sole community-wide event. To this day, it continues as an autonomous, all volunteer organization. It is these volunteers responsibility to raise the funds necessary to cover the costs of staging the event as the event is not funded by any other organization or business. Its directors function not only to coordinate running the event with other participating organizations and arranging for all the equipment, sanitation, advertising, and sponsorships, but also each director is responsible for a specific part of the event, i.e. entertainment, arts and crafts, food vendors, childrens rides and games, and the parade. Since its inception as an autonomous organization, the volunteers have been able to expand the scope of the event and have been quite successful in drawing attendees from throughout the Denver area who enjoy bringing their families to a wholesome, small-town community event.

July 23-26, 2020 will soon be upon us and, starting on Thursday, July 23, 2020, Applewood Golf Course, Parfet Park and Lions Park ballfields will be bustling with activity as volunteers prepare the parks for the staging of this year's event. This event sustains itself through volunteers and sponsors. Learn more about sponsoring this Golden Colorado event.






Entry and Advertising Release:

In consideration of acceptance of event entries, entrant agrees to permit the Golden Buffalo Bill Days Committee to use their names and/or photographs, films or tapes of the event for publicity, advertising and commercial promotion, before, during and after the event and will hereby relinquish any rights whatsoever to any photographs, films or tapes taken in connection with the event and gives permission to publish or sell or otherwise dispose of said photographs films or tapes. All publicity and advertising rights are hereby given to and reserved by the Golden Buffalo Bill Days Committee. Click on the Videos Link above to view past events.